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Danced Worlds 

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A man go travel. He lives different kulturs and situations, they will be danced and acted in this project: sometimes serious, sometimes funny, sometimes dangerous, easy, glamorous, annoying, phantastics, interesting…as much a traveller can happen. He win experience and take it with him.


The project is a multikutural, entertaining danceprogramm; he will be present in a traditional and also in a modern form, humourfull and charming. We „dance“ Heaven and Earth, Orient, Spain, France, USA and Latinamerica.


Purpose this project is to open the vision for different cultures: we all are travellers in our world, but every person beginn they travel elsewhere. If we could  put us into the other culture, we would discover the beauty in each and every one, we would take it, at least develop more interesting, comprehension and tolerance to our next.


 We take up many cultures in this project, so it can be interessting for diverses kind of publikum; as well for adults as for young people.

Idea, concept and choreography: Erica Rist

Dance and acting: Erica Rist + Divine-Dance Company


Time: approx. 80 Minuten.




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