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Drei Minuten mit der Wirklichkeit

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It is a bittersweet love story that uses the tango as a tool to overcome the existence trauma of a person impregnated for the situation lived at the time of the dictatorship in Argentina. All this added a political criminal.

Provocative rhythms, destructive sounds - what secret lies beneath the outrageous choreography of the Tangostar Damian Alsina?. Giulietta, ballet dancer from Berlin, search their mysterious loved in Argentina. Then begin for her an odyssey through the visible and invisible Tango world in Buenos Aires, where Damianīs dancing style is a thread of a indecipherable maze for most ...
The search for her passionate lover trap Giulietta in a dangerous network, highly influenced by a dark and hidden past ...

Wolfram Fleischhauer, recites parts of his novel "Drei minuten mit der Wirklichkeit", accompanied by tango-ballett-theater performance.

Choreography and dance: Erica Rist and Michael Ihnow.


Drei Minuten mit der Wirklichkeit: danced reading

Time: approx. 60 minutes.

This programm is possible to constructed as a danced-theater piece.





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