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De la calle al alma, life of Tango

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"De la calle al alma" put the Tango on stage, through live music, dancing and acting.

The Tango started his life on the street, passing through several times, surviving political and racist repression; gradually gaining ground and reaching the most prominent salons, taking prestige at the present.

De la calle al alma represent in sequences, the dramatic and humorous way of tango; on one hand full of competition and on the other hand, steeped in affection and friendship. Tango is life, which arrives and moves the heart.

The show starts at the entrance hall , the public is integrated from the start in the Tango atmosphere.

Be seduced, feel the passion, culture and humor from Argentina. Live with us one night qualitative and full of emotions.

Duration: arround. 90 Min.

"De la calle al alma" (Life of Tango)

Erica Rist & Michael Ihnow (Choreography, and dance performance)
"Polenta Arrabalera" (Music)






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